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Using a trading name for your limited company



If, when you go to register the name of your limited company, you find someone else has beaten you to it, you may still be able to use your first choice as your trading name.




Providing you’re not infringing another business’s registered trademark, you’re free to brand your company’s products, and/or services, with a name different to your registered limited company.

So, if you wanted to register your company as Inspiring IT Ltd and the name has already been registered, you could register ‘Your Name’ Ltd. First, check to see if anyone else has registered Inspiring IT as a trademark.



If not, you’re free to use it as a trading name, provided you always display your registered company name on your paperwork, including invoices. The correct way to do this would be: Inspiring IT is a trading name of ‘Your Name’ Ltd.

You could also take this a step further and brand other services in your offering. For example, Inspiring HR, Inspiring Marketing and Inspiring PR could also be trading names of ‘Your Name’ Ltd.



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